About Cusco

The Inca built the largest empire in the America, in a quick expansion that lasted only a hundred years. These emperors created magnificent palaces in the city of Cusco. Much was destroyed by the Spaniards during colonial times, but temples and royal states are well preserved. There is a lot to tell you about who they were and how they live. King Pachacutec left a mark on the landscape transformation. Some of the most famous sites, such as Pisac, Ollantaytambo, and Machu Picchu stands as reminders of former Inca glory. Enjoy walking tours while discussing Inca architecture, tradition and everyday life.

Exploring Cusco

There are lots of beautiful walks around the city, The hilly San Blas with its windy stone streets is considered an artist’s quarter with galleries and studios to visit. Head over to one of Peru’s most colorful and lively markets, San Pedro Market to discover the local culture and tremendous varieties of food. Stop at one of the local eateries in this market to sample anything from
botifarra (ham sandwiches), causa (a casserole with potato – there are hundreds of varieties, avocado, chicken or tuna and sometimes hardboiled egg), as well as cuy (grilled guinea pig!); just be aware of crowds, as this is where pickpockets are more active. Or walk around the Plaza de Armas surrounded by stores, cafes and four church with one that includes a painting of the Last Supper where guinea pig is the main course! Along the way you will pass street venders in traditional dress or pulling an alpaca for a photo opportunity in exchange for a few small coins. Cusco has many colorful and fun festivals throughout the year with parades and dances that are beautiful to experience.
Talk to your guide to learn more about what you can do during your time here.

Eating Out

Peru has one of the best cuisines blending the local Inca flavors of the indigenous people with influences from Europe and Asia. The food blends the history of Peru with the different people around the globe who have settled here. There are many options to choose from. Some of my favorite restaurants are:

>>LIMO situated in the central square you will dine on great Peruvian food while sipping on a Pisco sour.
>>INCANTO is where you will enjoy a fusion of Peruvian and Italian cuisine just off of Plaza de Armas.
>>INCAGRILL known for its outstanding food. While pricey it will be worth it.
>>PACHAPAPA is up the hill in the heart of the San Blas neighborhood. Enjoy typical Andean fare from one of the homey dining rooms or in the rustic courtyard.
>>CICCIOLINA known as a food paradise, the menu is creative and they have a great wine selection.
>>BACO is a spacious place that has atmosphere to wine and dine while savoring the flavors of South America.
>>JACK’S CAFÉ is a great place for a hardy breakfast.

The Peruvian Experience

Experience Peru like an insider with Peruvian hiking, rafting and tourism expert Jose Ugarte. He leverages his decades of expertise and professional network of Peruvian travel and hospitality resources to create a unique experience for you and your fellow travelers.

Peru is a destination like no other from magical Machu Picchu the Sacred Valley and Inca Trail to the mysterious Manu National Park in the Amazon basin Adventure awaits.
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