Manhattan Middle-High – 4 hours approximately

This tour begins in Time Square where we will appreciate the large number of lights with giant screens. We will walk along Broadway where you may interest in a musical. Then we will head to Bryant Park and the fine arts building of the public library with its impressive reading room, being the fourth largest in the world. We will visit the Grand Central terminal that initiates the preservation of historic buildings, from there to the park avenue and the fifth avenue to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Rockefeller Center. We will go north between the sixth and seventh avenues to try some of the delicious ethnic foods. From there to the famous Carnegie Hall theater and the great entrance to the central park with its 340 hectares, we will learn the history of this famous park and walk to the Bethesda Fountain and Straw Berry Field with the tribute of Yoko Ono to her late husband John Lennon, the building Dakota where he lived and died on 72nd Street, to direct us to the famous and extravagant building Ansonia Hotel, where we will end our tour.

Each of the 3 options is worth $ 30 per person
Minimum 2 people to start the tour
Maximum 8 people on a tour
Tours start at 9 a.m. every day.
Check availability and arrange meeting points in advance.
Professional bilingual guide

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