Machu Picchu Mountain

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There was a very early reference to MachuPicchu(Old mountain) by some Augustinians priest during the colonial time, but nothing was known about the Inca citadel until 1902.Even then only by a reduce group of people, the landlord Agustin Lizarraga, close friends and workers

Alas after Agustin drowned in the Urubamba river only few months later, the news remains unknown to the world until a professor and explorer name Hiram Bingham got all the credits and the international recognition. He was able to prove   his discover with the aid of photography. Selfish and with a big ego decline to acknowledge all the help and support that lead him to discover Machupicchu, all the insight information was in denial.

During a rainy day in July 24th, 1911 he was led into a magnificent well preserve citadel by the 11-year-old Pablo, whose family use the Inca terraces to grow corn. It was during the year of exploration that somebody well connected and resourceful was able to let the word know about this sophisticate citadel. When he found a graffiti with the name Agustin Lizarraga (1902) he decides to admit first but then erase any trace.  The rest is history, marketing and conferences lead Hiram Bingham the man of Yale university to become a public figure, and the myth of the lost city began.

He was indeed sponsor by wealthy art and treasure dealer, so he acts as a broker to buy collections. After his free range first year, when he was able to dig and take everything without supervision, the animosity of Cusco intellectual become exhilarate, and will not allow him to continue excavations in MachuPicchu. That is why he decides to do further explorations and found traces of the well-known Inca Trail.

Controversial personality sometimes arrogant and distance, got involve in politic afterward and became a republican senator of the united states.

MachuPicchu have become one of the new seven wonders and now thousands of visitors in daily bases listen to this well documented story, by guides than follow the tracks of Pablo the first tour guide.

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