1. DEPOSIT: There will be no contract between Kusirumi and the client until the client has confirmed the booking and paid a deposit of 50% of the tour selected.

2. PAYMENT OF BALANCE: The balance of tour cost must be made no later than 60 days prior to departure day for all tours, otherwise Kusirumi may treat the booking as being cancelled by the client and apply cancellation charges. For booking made less than 60 days before departure the full payment must be made when booking.

3. CANCELLATION BY CLIENT: Cancellation charges expressed as a percentage of the total tour price including surcharges are as follows:

A. More than 60 days before departure (Deposit forfeited).
B. 60 days to 30 days (70% of total forfeited).
C. Less than 30 days before departure (100% of total forfeited).

CHANGES BY CLIENTS: If you wish to alter your holiday arrangements in any way before departure, we will do our best to help. For changes after commencement of travel, cancellations fees for services booked may apply.

4. CANCELLATION AND CHANGES BY KUSIRUMI: Kusirumi makes careful arrangements to ensure we are able to provide you, with the holiday as we have described it.

However, in exceptional cases, it may be necessary to make changes to holiday arrangements (including flights, accommodation, transport or services) due to circumstances beyond our control. When minor changes are made, we will do our best to ensure that they do not affect your holiday.

If Kusirumi makes a major change or cancels the holiday after it has been confirmed, but before departure the client will have the choice of:

A. Accepting the cancellation or changed arrangements.
B. Taking another available holiday with Kusirumi.
C. In the case of a major change ,cancelling the holiday and receiving a full refund. This will be the full extent of Kusirumi liability.

5. The client undertakes to obtain a valid passport and visas for the tour.

6. It is the clients responsibility to arrange suitable travel insurance with benefits that include personal accident, medical expenses, repatriation and loss & damage to personal effects.

7. Client undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations of Peru.

8. Kusirumi accepts no responsibility for matter arising of political disputes, border closures, epidemics, natural disasters, climate, armed robbery etc. Should it become necessary to abandom a tour becauses of such an event.

9. Kusirumi reserve the right to deviate a tour if is necessary for the safety and well being of anyone of the members of a group.

10. All complaints must be made at the time of occurrence to Kusirumi.To allow us the opportunity to rectify the cause of the complaint.Any claims whatsoever against Kusirumi will be study and pay attention to the matter.

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